Complexity, Acceleration, Globalization - A Challenge for Democracy

L. Streit


Abstract. This paper is dedicated to the memory of the late Gl´oria Cravo
who first invited me to discuss these issues at the “Conversas da dentro e
de fora” of the Universidade da Madeira, in 2014.

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Hear Benoˆıt Mandelbrot himself about the wonders of this computer-based break- through:

A dramatic acccount by one who is considered “the father of virtual reality technology” can be found in J. Lanier: “You Are Not a Gadget.” Knopf, NY, 2010.

Quoted from the Open Letter of M. Doepfner to Google’s Eric Schmidt,

For more on the causes of legislative acceleration see e.g. J.-C. Mich´ea: The Realm of Lesser Evil. Polity Press, Cambridge UK, 2009.

Colin Crouch: Post-Democracy. Polity Press, Cambridge 2004.

For more on this see also Ju¨rgen Habermas: in “Critique et communication: les tˆaches de la philosophie”. Esprit 2015/8, p. 40–54.

See e.g. M. Jacques: “When China Rules the World” Penguin, NY, 2009, p. 162.

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