Control of multiscale systems with constraints. 3. Geometrodynamics of the evolution of systems with varying constraints

S. Adamenko, V. Bolotov, V. Novikov


With the use of the general variational principle of selforganization of systems with varying constraints, namely the principle of dynamical harmonization of systems presented in the first work of the cycle, we advance an approach to the control over the evolution of systems of many particles. The geometric nature of this principle is analyzed. On the basis of the de Broglie–Bohm representation of the Schro dinger equa-tion, we establish a connection of the nonlocality and the coherence of the systems  of many  particles with mass entropic forces. The defining role of a coherent acceleration and a space-time curvature in the control over the synthesis of new structures in systems with varying constraints is demonstrated. The basic criteria for electromagnetic fields to initiate the processes of self-organizing synthesis and for the quantum properties of a nonlocality on macroscopic scales, which are necessary for the selforganizing synthesis, are formulated.

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ISSN (online) 2415 - 3761
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