Assessing the state of the corporate information area in Ukraine



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corporate information area, integrated indicator, information and communication technologies, gross value added, Internet users, capital investment


The article defines the methodological tool to assess the state of the corporate information area in the  country. The authors have proposed the integrated indicator and its key  components as a simplified al­ternative to existing approach to evaluation of the state of the corporate information area. The efficiency of the proposed  indicator in terms of in­formation lack is underlined. The state of the corporate information area of Ukraine using an integrated indicator in 2010—2020 is assessed in the article. The authors determine that the integrated indicator of the state of the corporate information area of Ukraine has more significant fluctua­tions than its individual components during the study period. The article analyzes the correlation between the integrated indicator of the state of the corporate information area and gross value  added at actual prices of the national economy of Ukraine in 2010—2020. As a result of the study, the authors revealed that changes in the state of the corporate information area can be considered a driver of changes in the general state of the national economy.


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