Student brand loyalty to public higher education institution



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higher education institutions (HEIs), student brand loyalty, student brand engagement


The purpose of this study is to investigate and reveal the relationships between student brand loyalty (SBL) and the four composite variables: brand associations (BA), brand information dissemination and sufficiency (BIDS), perceived quality (PQ), student brand engagement (SBE). The paper also explores possible relations between SBE and the constructs BA, BIDS, PQ. An empirical study was conducted among 250 students of 3 faculties in a public university in Bulgaria. The analysis included the maximum likelihood-ratio chi-square test (G-test), correspondence and multiple correspondence analysis. The results demonstrate a significance of all dependences among variables of the research model except between SBE and BA, PQ. Additionally, there has been little work on SBL relationships to select variables. This study contributes to filling this gap in the research. The suggested research frame provides a useful
toolkit in aid of higher education policymakers for diagnosing and upgrading the SBL.






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