Discourse on ethnic diversity and identities in a sociophilosophical perspective




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ethnicity, ethnic diversity, identity, sociocultural phenomenon, polyethnic social space, ethnopolitical management


The article analyzes the discourse on an essence of such widespread phenomena in the contemporary world as ethnic diversity and identity. They are defined by the author as socio-cultural phenomena. Much attention is paid to the interaction of these phenomena and its impact on social development. It is emphasized that ethnic diversity, contributing to the preservation and development of ethno-cultural variety is a positive phenomenon in itself, can lead to the emergence of isolationist tendencies in the development of polyethnic societies. Such trends are to some extent inherent in identity too. However, in specific conditions, the functioning of civic, European, national, political-civic, spatial-territorial identity stimulates unification processes within certain administrative-territorial entities. Activities for compromise interaction of ethnic diversity and identities, as well as overcoming their negative effects on public relations are discussed. The article is based on the study of the achievements of foreign and Ukrainian researchers in the field of ethnic interaction and ethnicity in general. 






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