Cognitive digital platforms of scientific education



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open educational system, ontology, ontology-driven system, narrative discourse, transdisciplinarity


The digitalization of modern society, the emergence of the knowledge economy and the establishment of the principle of lifelong learning have led to the development of applied information and communication technologies in the educational process. One of the promising directions of the development of e-learning systems is the development of open educational systems using cognitive ICTs. The article discusses a knowledge-oriented approach to the formation of open educational systems based on the ontology and transdisciplinarity that provides the user with a holistic, systematic overview of a specific domain conceptualization of a specific knowledge area, represented by defining basic objects and connections between them. The authors describe cognitive software complex TEDAOS, which is intended for the construction of educational local and network (distributed) systems based on  ontextsemantic analysis and ontologies (from the local ontology-driven system of the educational process provision to the system of integrated multifactor analysis of educational information resources through the decision-making system and management of knowledge formation process) to ensure the  interaction of all users of online information and educational environments. The Web-software complex “Knowledge Base Ontological Scenarios Editor” for formalizing the process of preparation, conduct and assessment of learning outcomes using an e-scenario is presented. 






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