Higher education innovatics as the newest interdisciplinary direction of higher school and higher education science




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higher education, innovation in university education, higher education innovatics, higher education reforming, academic or university entrepreneurship


For real European integration of Ukraine and increasing the scienti c level of the Ukrainian higher education, the introduction of innovative methods and techniques is necessary. For a correct understanding of the innovative directions of reforming higher education, it is necessary to create a scienti c apparatus that combines the theory and practice of innovative development of higher education and the entire system of higher education. Authors propose to introduce a new scienti c direction in the sphere of higher education with a new scienti c term | \Innovatics of higher education" or \higher education innovatics". The theoretical foundations and practical provisions of the new scienti c direction in the sphere of higher education | the innovatics in higher education includes a complex of innovative changes in such inherent in higher education types of activities as: teaching, training, study; scienti c and R & D activities, new technic and technologies development, construction and design creativity; cultural and moral development, upbringing of human values; education of honesty and justice, patriotism and peacefulness; instilling love and tolerance for one's neighbor, mercy and charity, compassion; engineering, technical, informational activities; nancial and economic support of the educational process and R & D, operating and business expenses, development and expansion of activities; inventive and patent-licensing activities, technology transfer; academic or university entrepreneurship; sports, recreational, festive and extracurricular activities; and other types of activities of universities, colleges and other institutions related / involved / associated with higher education. Thus, innovatics in higher education (as the complex of innovations in the whole sphere of higher education) includes innovative changes in almost all areas of higher education to enhance and/or improve the quality training of professionally prepared and responsible citizens of the modern community and for development of university R & D. These can be useful for reforming the national higher education system of Ukraine and for the development of a new scienti c direction in the eld of higher education.


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