From random times to fractional kinetics


  • Anatoly Kochubei Institute of Mathematics of NASU, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Yuri Kondratiev Bielefeld University, Germany and Dragomanov University, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Jose Luis da Silva CIMA, University of Madeira, Portugal


Ключові слова:

Bernstein functions, general fractional derivative, configuration space, Karamata’s Tauberian theorem, subordination principle, traveling waves


In this paper we study the effect of the subordination by a
general random time-change to the solution of a model on spatial eco-
logy in terms of its evolution density. In particular on traveling waves
for a non-local spatial logistic equation. We study the Cesaro limit of
the subordinated dynamics in a number of particular cases related to the
considered fractional derivative making use of the Karamata Tauberian


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