Mutual influence of electrical, mechanical and acoustic fields under the radiation of sound by circular systems with screen, formed from cylindrical piezoceramic radiators

Aleksandr Leiko, Anatolii Derepa, Ilia Averichev, Oksana Kocharian, Yaroslav Starovoit


With the help of coupled fields method in multiply connected
regions, we obtained analytical relations describing the physical fields of
cylindrical piezoceramic radiators with circumferential polarization, which
are part of cylindrical systems with a screen in the internal cavity. Based
on the obtained relationships, quantitative estimates of the parameters of
the electric, mechanical, and acoustic fields of the radiatos are performed
when operating in circular systems with a screen, the analysis of which
revealed the degree of influence of the fields on each other.

Ключові слова

physical fields; circular screen system; piezoceramic cylindrical radiator; circular polarization

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